A Note from Bev 

Welcome to the Shepherding Women website!

I am so glad you stopped by. I hope this will be only the beginning of a relationship that will continually enrich our personal and ministry lives.

Most of my life has been spent observing and entering into the painful places in the lives of women. The settings vary. The contexts are multi-faceted. It is nearly impossible to travel down the road of life for long without finding someone stopped along the wayside, unable to get up by herself. I have been that woman lying along the wayside, unable to get up. What a gift to have an understanding shepherd stop, reach out an empathetic hand, and give a drink of water. I have also had the incredible privilege of being that shepherd who stops to assist a woman in pain.

Perhaps you can relate to my occasional feeling of wanting to look the other way. If I stopped, what would I say? What would I do? The fear of not knowing propels you to walk on the other side and ignore the woman in pain. You feel badly about it, but neither do you want to make things worse by saying or doing the “wrong” thing.

We are not alone in those feelings. A recent email from a woman in ministry said, “I have felt a strong need to have a resource for women in pain. Perhaps one book for each issue that sort of encapsulates the issue and that would serve as a primary resource for someone experiencing it or trying to help a person experiencing it.  Not that I think a book solves everything, but perhaps it could help the person to feel less lost in a new situation.” I smiled as I read her email because I was able to tell her how many other men and women have expressed a similar need and that Shepherding Women in Pain is a book written specifically to meet this need.

This web site takes it a step further. Our intent is to provide resources and insights on a weekly basis for men and women—pastors, church leaders, directors of women’s ministries, para-church and non-profit leaders, counselors, co-workers, neighbors, friends and family—anyone who shepherds or counsels women in pain We will post a new blog every week—so be sure to check come back each week! In the next few months, excerpts from Shepherding Women in Pain will be posted along with other resources and links. I’d love to receive resources that have been helpful to you.

My role in pastoral care to women and the Women’s Center for Ministry merge on this website with the desire to be a global hub of nurturing NETWORKS, helpful RESOURCES and relevant TRAINING, for women in pain and for those who shepherd them.

Join me in discovering God’s miraculous, life-changing healing power,

Bev Hislop


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